MDT capture task sequence missing bug

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MDT 2013 has a bug where you can’t see the “capture” step in the “sysprep and capture” task sequence, when launching lite touch Litetouch.vbs

Here’s the official fix and a quote from a user who contacted the premier support:

Just a FYI to everyone concerned about the bug…

We opened an Premier support case with Microsoft regarding this and they identified it as a bug within the ZTIUtility.vbs script in the \Scripts folder.

Per the resolution:

Look for this line: 

If (oTS.SelectSingleNode(“//step[@type=’BDD_InstallOS’]”) is nothing) and (oTS.SelectSingleNode(“//step[@type=’BDD_UpgradeOS’]”) is nothing) then

And change it to:

If (oTS.SelectSingleNode(“//step[@type=’BDD_InstallOS’ and @disable=’false’]”) is nothing) and (oTS.SelectSingleNode(“//step[@type=’BDD_UpgradeOS’ and @disable=’false’]“) is nothing) then

We made this modification on the recommendation of the Microsoft Engineer and verified that it correctly displayed the Capture Screen and Computer Details screen of the Deployment Wizard.  We were able to sysprep and capture again as normal afterwards.

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