Graphic Drivers

Voodoo 1 graphic drivers kit Voodoo Graphics(TM) Based 3D Accelerators Driver Kit

Voodoo Graphics Driver kit Version: 3.01.00
Voodoo Graphics Glide(TM) Driver Version:
Voodoo Graphics Glide3 Driver Version:
Voodoo Graphics DirectX(r) Release Number : 2.17
Voodoo Graphics DirectX Driver Version:
OpenGL(r) Driver Version: ICD

Voodoo 1 Miro Hiscore 3d latest driver 2.7
Voodoo 2 fastvoodoo 4.6 drivers By These are compatible with all of the cards I know.
Official Diamond Monster 3D 2 Drivers Version 207
NVIDIA win 9x 6.31 NVIDIA win 9x 6.31 zipped
NVIDIA win 9x 30.82 NVIDIA win 9x 30.82 zipped
NVIDIA win 9x  45.23 NVIDIA win 9x 45.23 zipped

Chart for NVIDIA-driverusage: Part 1 , Part 2